It’s thyme!

15 03 2011

Spring has a way of creeping up on us–appearing seemingly out of nowhere like chickweed in freshly prepared garden beds (but thankfully more subtle than the sprawl of mint left unrestrained!) There is always so much to be done in these final weeks of winter, especially for the gardener. Seeds must be started, tools need to be sharpened, and beds ought to be made…the kind for planting, at least: if you garden and manage hospital corners past April 15, my hat’s off to you!

It’s my first Spring in the Spring House, so I was eager to see what might pop up in the existing garden beds out front. Luckily for me, a splendid display of miniature Tete a Tete daffodils now graces the front lawn, a convenient foreground for the new strawberry beds. They caught the eye of my neighbor Maureen, who requested a few for her yard–quite a compliment to the Tete a Tete’s, as Maureen and her mother are both accomplished planstwomen. Upon closer inspection of the daffodils, Maureen uncovered a patch of thyme in the walkway of the garden. Today I discovered more of the wiry stems wandering along the border of the rock beds, covered in leaves that are not only wonderfully fragrant, but GREEN!

There’s something enchanting about the re-emergence of perennials after a cold winter, whether the yellow splash of narcissus brightening otherwise drab lawns or the more subtle revitalization of the herb garden. Even when the chills of winter still inhabit our toes, the return of life in the garden hints at days full of warmth and energy to come.

The seeds have begun to germinate, the garden’s been plowed (many thanks to John North), and the tools still yearn to be sharpened. Spring is just around the corner, and I’d better get that mint under control while there’s still a chance! See y’all in the garden!